Jerimi (grubbyfox) wrote in xeriscape,

Boise, Idaho (Zone 6)

This community has been rather dead since I created it in March. The growing season in the northern hemisphere is half over, so let's revive it! Tell us what your garden is doing right now.

I'll give it a shot. ;)

We've had crazy weather. All the rain earlier in the year gave my roses fungus, and all kinds of succulent weeds sprang up. All the recent heat has killed off a few of my non-xeriscape flowers (gerbera daisies), but the rest seem to be doing well.

I picked up several good plants at the Native Plant sale this spring. The globe mallow has doubled in size already. The lambs ear has also taken off. I love the little purple flowers, and apparently so do bees. Firecracker penstamin has done really well, also. I love the bright flowers.

Some evening primrose seed that I planted last year actually came up this year. Quite a surprise. I've heard it's an aggressive, drought tolerant flower, so I'm hoping it fills in all the dry, bare space under my juniper trees.

I'm having a little trouble with bugs - haven't been able to catch any to see just what is eating my plants. Otherwise life is good.
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