Xeriscape: Water-Wise Gardening

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This is a community for gardeners interested in water-wise gardening, or xeriscape. Water-wise gardening is a must for those living dry climates such as the western United States, but can be helpful for all gardeners. Topics for this community cover all living landscape elements, including both ornamental and vegetable plants. Growing houseplants in a low-humidity environment is on-topic, as well.

  • Discussion on illegal activity, including growing marijuana or other narcotic plants, is not allowed.
  • Photographs are welcome, but please use an LJ cut.
  • Before promoting events, LJ communities, etc., please contact bluetoro, the moderator for permission. Promotions posted without permission will be deleted.
  • We are all learning, from beginners to Master Gardeners! This community exists to share knowledge.

Principles of Xeriscape include:
  • Planning the landscape for water conservation.
  • Emphasizing plants which require less water, as well as grouping plants of similar water needs.
  • Amending the soil when necessary to improve water retention and provide organic matter.
  • Mulching to reduce evaporation.
  • Efficiently irrigating the landscape.
  • Maintaining as necessary (pruning, weeding, etc.)

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